1. General election 2019: Labour launches 'radical' manifesto

    The party is expected to promise "radical" environment policies and more money for the NHS.
  2. Alex Salmond accused of sexual assaults on 10 women

    The former SNP leader appears in court accused of carrying out a series of offences while he was first minister.
  3. Prince Andrew should contact US investigators - Epstein victims' lawyer

    The duke should volunteer to be interviewed, a lawyer for some victims of Jeffrey Epstein says.
  4. 'Half of women will be carers by the age of 46'

    Women can expect to take on caring responsibilities more than a decade earlier than men, says study.
  5. Harry Dunn's family 'disgusted' with Dominic Raab over legal costs

    The foreign secretary said the government is protecting taxpayers' money in seeking legal costs.
  6. Coldplay to pause touring until concerts are 'environmentally beneficial'

    The band won't go on a world tour until they can make their concerts "environmentally beneficial".
  7. 'I made my film Fish to keep my son's dreams alive'

    A film shot by a father and son, while in detention on the Hungarian-Serbian border, is shown at human rights film festivals in Europe.
  8. UK workers 'pull sickies to avoid going to work'

    A BBC survey about morals in the UK finds 40% of adults would call in sick if they needed a day off.
  9. Johnson & Johnson loses vaginal mesh class action

    In one of Australia's biggest class actions, a court ruled the firm failed to warn women of the risks.
  10. Patient died after 'transplant surgeon error'

    A surgeon spilt stomach contents on organs which were transplanted into three patients.
  11. Australia fires: Sea of fire races across field near Adelaide

    Bushfires have hit areas near Adelaide and created a smoky haze blanketing the city.
  12. Actor Jussie Smollett is suing the city of Chicago

    The Empire actor claims he's been caused "humiliation and extreme distress" by the city.
  13. The Papers: Queen 'let down' by 'outcast' Prince Andrew

    Prince Andrew's announcement that he is stepping down from royal duties dominates the front pages.
  14. Entrepreneurs back Prince Andrew's business scheme

    A source close to the prince says he will continue to be involved in the scheme amid fears for its future.
  15. Diving to save Indonesia's coral reefs from plastic

    Tenia Lestari leads a network of volunteer divers who clear rubbish from the coral reefs and recycle what they find.
  16. Quiz: How do your morals compare?

    Take our quiz and find out how in step you are with the morals and social views of the rest of the UK.
  17. Domestic abuse survivors protest over family courts

    Protesters met on Parliament Square to voice their concerns over how the family courts respond to domestic abuse.
  18. The people with voices that tech needs to recognise

    Project Understood aims to improve voice recognition software for users with Down's syndrome.
  19. The best photos rejected from the National Portrait Gallery's Taylor Wessing prize

    Celebrating the best images that failed to win the prestigious Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize.
  20. Lightning bolt strikes near Emirates plane in Christchurch

    The Emirates aircraft was waiting for a storm to subside at an airport in New Zealand.
  21. Australia fires: Injured koala reunited with bushfire rescuer

    Surrounded by flames, Toni Doherty used her shirt to pull the koala off a burning tree.
  22. Russian domestic violence: Women fight back

    Two years ago Russia passed a law reducing sentences for domestic violence. There is now a movement pushing back.
  23. Lewis Hamilton on a tough season, the risks of racing and his future

    After six world championships and more money than he dreamed of, how does Lewis Hamilton find that extra gear?
  24. Planning a baby at 16: 'I might be a young mum but I'm a good mum'

    A split condom? A failed pill? Something must have gone wrong. Not for Eden.
  25. The farmers who started out with student debts and big dreams

    Lewis Steer and girlfriend Flora Searson explain how they set up a farming business from scratch.
  26. Brown bear attacks: Deaths spark fear in Romania

    Three men die in little over a month in Romania, home to Europe's biggest brown bear population.
  27. Why Seychelles has world's worst heroin problem

    The Indian Ocean archipelago suffers from the highest rate of heroin abuse in the world, but policy makers are hopeful that rehabilitation will curb addiction.
  28. Bougainville: Will it become the world's next country?

    Bougainville could be about to vote for independence. But where is it? And why is there a referendum?
  29. Durham teen neo-Nazi became 'living dead'

    The 16-year-old's radicalisation and preparation for an attack involved efforts to dehumanise himself.
  30. Jose Mourinho at Tottenham: Is Mauricio Pochettino's replacement the right man?

    As Jose Mourinho returns to Premier League management, BBC Sport's Phil McNulty looks at whether the Portuguese is the right fit for Tottenham.
  31. Disciplined England bat themselves into promising position against NZ

    England make a promising start to the first Test in New Zealand with some patient batting on the opening day in Mount Maunganui.
  32. 'I've faced tough opponents, so let's fight' - ex-Lion Smith reveals 'daunting' cancer diagnosis

    Former British and Irish Lions forward Tom Smith, 48, reveals he has had a "daunting" stage four cancer diagnosis.
  33. 'Flush it down the toilet' - depleted Warriors suffer biggest defeat since 1973

    Rising star Luka Doncic helps the Dallas Mavericks condemn the Golden State Warriors to their heaviest defeat in 46 years.
  34. NBA: James Corden, Venus Williams & Rob Gronkowski dance with LA Laker Girls

    Watch as James Corden, Venus Williams and former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski dance with the Laker Girls during half-time of an NBA game.
  35. General Election 2019: The untapped influence of the non-voter

    Nearly a third of registered voters stay away from the polls - but they could have a decisive influence if they turned out.
  36. General election 2019: Voting activist wants 'youthquake'

    Jerahl Hall is on a mission to persuade more young people to get out and vote in the election.
  37. General election poll tracker: How do the parties compare?

    Our poll tracker measures how people say they are going to vote at the next general election.
  38. General election 2019: Has Boris Johnson got National Insurance cut confused?

    The prime minister says a planned National Insurance cut would give everyone in the UK £500, but is he right?
  39. Nikki Fox on the hurdles and options for disabled voters

    Disability correspondent Nikki Fox explains what options and assistance are available to disabled voters.
  40. General election 2019: Labour and Tories push housing policies

    Labour wants to build 100,000 new council houses a year, while the Tories vow more help for first-time buyers.
  41. General election 2019: Lib Dems manifesto - 12 key policies explained

    The Liberal Democrats election manifesto has been launched. What are their most eye-catching promises?
  42. General election 2019: How to register to vote, when is the deadline and other questions

    How late can you register to vote in a general election?
  43. The fight to get citizenship for descendants of German Jews

    A UK lawyer says Germany is violating its constitution by denying citizenship to some descendants of Nazi victims.
  44. ‘We failed to reach Europe – now our families disown us’

    Three young West Africans stole from their families to fund a trek to Europe, now they have to face the consequences.